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Education Ministry at St. John’s

Spreading the Good News, sharing the Bible, teaching of God’s grace, and seeking to demonstrate God’s love in the world is part of the work of the Education Ministry at St. John’s. Education doesn’t start with Kindergarten and end with Confirmation. Spiritual growth is a never-ending journey that we encourage through Sunday School classrooms that are divided by age and/or grade, Cross+Gen Sunday School, Family-Style Sunday School, Adult Education Hour, book and Bible studies, and empowering parents to support faith practices at home.

The goal of Cross+Gen Sunday School is to gather generations around the cross to share stories, explore the Bible, and deepen relationships with people of other generations. We value and recognize our OWLS (Older Wiser Lutherans) and the wealth of experience that they possess. We celebrate the youngest, most wondering children of God. We gather in groups that mix all the generations together because every generation has gifts they need and every generation has needs they gift!

Family-Style Sunday School is an opportunity for families to gather together to learn together and share together. Martin Luther created the Small Catechism to help the heads of households teach the faith within their homes, to their families. All education opportunities at St. John’s follow the FAITH5 as their framework. When we bring families together, we reinforce the practices of the FAITH5 to make it easier for families to incorporate the FAITH5 into their daily routines. You don’t have to have a family to participle – families will adopt you into their faith families! There is a place for EVERYONE in Family-Style Sunday School.

Age-segregated Sunday School is still alive and well, in fact it’s grown by 48% over the past two years. The children all gather together for Opening time of songs, learning about the day’s theme, and collecting an offering. Then, they move to classrooms where one of the 12 lead volunteers will help them explore God’s story, our history, and experience God’s love. And just this last week, an additional 23 adults began to assist in those classrooms. Imagine the love, laughter, and learning that goes on as they all gather together!

News & Announcements

Youth Ministry Team

The Youth Ministry Team invites YOU to join them. So, if you have a passion for high school youth, please join us at our meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month downstairs in the Recreation Room at 6:00 PM.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018

Sunday School Opening is in the Sanctuary or Friendship Room and classes will meet in their regular locations. Parents of 4th Graders should join their child in Sunday School for Celebration of Communion Class. 1 st Graders will celebrate their Gospel Verse Milestone during worship today. (Parents did NOT need to attend any classes.)

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018 – Family-Style Sunday School

Everyone gathers in the Friendship Room at 9:15am. Parents of 4th Graders should watch for information about whether there will be a Celebration of Communion class today.


4th Graders and their parents are invited to attend the Communion Milestone prep classes that begin this Sunday, February 25th, at 9:15am in the Friendship Room.  Children will create their communion chalice so it can be fired for the next class.  On 3/4, 4th graders and their families are invited to Cross+Gen Sunday School during the Education Hour. The Communion classes will resume on 3/11, 3/18 and 3/25.  Celebration of Communion will occur during the Maundy Thursday worship at 6:30 on 3/29.  Children who are unable to attend any of these classes should let Jen know.


1st Graders will begin to prep on February 25,  for their Gospel Milestone that will take place during worship on April 29th. Parents do not need to attend these prep classes.


Youth who are in Confirmation should attend Lenten service on Wednesday and then gather in the Friendship Room after service. Class on February 28th will include a special activity.  Youth will be dismissed at their normal 8pm end time.

Sunday School Calendar (Winter/Spring, 2018)

Please click on the following link to see the Sunday School Calendar:

Sunday School

Sunday School Registration forms are available now.  Your child’s baptismal date will be needed to complete the form. It is still a paper form, but we hope to be entirely digital for registration next year.

We have leaders for every class and are now searching for those adults and high school youth who would like to volunteer alongside them. Talk to Jen about which age/grade you prefer to work with and she’ll get you a purple nametag insert and tell you everything you need to know.

Sunday School will start at 9:15am, in the sanctuary, and end in classrooms at 10:15am. Parents should head to their child’s classrooms to introduce themselves and pick up their kiddos at that time.

Sunday School Program for Toddlers: Parent and Me.

Families who have a child that is not yet enrolled in 4K will have a new opportunity on Sunday mornings during Education Hour. This “Parent and Me” Sunday School class will replace the 3 year old Sunday School class and meet from 9:15-10:15am in the Mary and Martha rooms of the preschool hallway. There will be stories, songs, and playtime for parents to engage in with their toddler. Everything will be ready, you just show up with your toddler! There will be a separate registration form for families who would like to participate in this opportunity for faith formation and relationship building. Contact Jen if you would like a leadership role with this program or want to learn more.

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at St. John’s is made up of a combination of ongoing weekly events and special events for our Middle and High School students.

  • Middle School Youth & Confirmation Ministry
  • High School Youth Ministry

High School Youth

The Gathering will be held in Houston, Texas, with approximately 30,000 high school youth in attendance!  The Gathering is from June 27th through July 1st, 2018. We plan to do some sight-seeing before The Gathering.  Anticipated cost is $1500/youth, but our goal is to fundraiser to cover the majority of that.  No teenager should be prevented from attending this event due to an inability to cover the costs. Please see Jen if the cost is a burden to your family or contact her at

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