Habitat for Humanity Mission

The first home to be built with Habitat For Humanity in this area was in Brooklyn in 1987-1988. After building that home, the people involved decided to join forces with the group that had been formed in Madison, and it became Habitat For Humanity – Dane County.

St. John’s got involved back in about 2003, when our associate pastor at the time got involved with the ecumenical pastors and got Habitat to arrange an informational meeting at the Village Hall. There, individuals signed up and a Steering committee was formed. A number of members volunteered to participate.

In 2005, we built our first home: on North Fourth Street in Brooklyn. Our second home, a duplex, was built in 2006. It was at that point that St. John’s became more involved. We traded some property south of the drainage basin with some property that Habitat had purchased from the former owners of LaPetite. We gained more property as a result of the trade, and built a second duplex in 2007.

The next project was the fourplex built near the new Methodist church, as part of an Apostles Build. The total donated was approximately $6000. St. John’s has always been well represented on all the builds, as well as donating money and lunches.

The most recent build, which was just completed, was again in Brooklyn: a single family home on North Second Street. Habitat has one more lot there to build on. The family moved into this home the end of April. St. John’s provided the majority of the work days and hours on this home.

We have a “Wednesday-Thursday Group,” made up of four St. John’s members who work every Wednesday in Fitchburg.