Property Teams

Garden and Landscape Team

The goal and mission of the Garden and Landscape Team is to enhance, beautify and improve the functionality of St. John’s Property.

The group works as a Ministry Team with direction from the Property Team. If you are interested in joingin the planning team, please contact any of the members: Barb Stock, Barb Christensen, Sue Johnson, Sue England and John Carter. Don’t have time to join the team? You can still help out by serving as the Gardener of the Week each summer, caring for our flowers and plantings.

Here are some of the team’s recent efforts:

  1. In late spring, a row of six trees was planted on the South Lawn to create a back-up to the ash trees lining the driveway.
  2. The West boundary was updated with 19 trees removed and the creation of a berm that was placed along this area.  The berm serves multi-purposes. One as a tool to channel water towards retention area. Second, a raised visual border to help shield our traffic from the view of our neighbors’ back yards.  With resources from the Skinner Memorial and assistance from the neighbors, more than 60 trees and shrubs were planted along the berm.