Smorgasbord Mission

Smorgasbord is a day-long feast organized by the women of the church with all its members asked to work, donate food or give a cash donation. We serve meatballs, Norwegian pastry, pie, and turkey and all the trimmings.

Smorgasbord is always held the first Thursday in October.  2019 will mark the 64th year we have sponsored this event.  Back in 1973, ticket prices were $2.50 for adults, with no carryouts. In 1986, prices were $5.50 adults and carryouts were $6.50.  That year, we served 1053 eating in and 95 carryouts with a profit of $4917.78.  In 2012, prices were $10.00 adults and $11.00 carryout.  We served 807 eating in and carryouts of 336 plus workers for a total of 1342 and a profit of $10,447.19.

About 200 people volunteer their time to put on such a great event with good food and great Christian fellowship. All the profits go to missions.  We sponsor three missionaries:  Curtis and Katie Kline (Columbia), Ed and Melissa Swanson (Mexico) and Lori Lehnherr (Cost Rica).  We also support local missions each year such as The Salvation Army, Oregon Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, The Road Home, NINA, Helping Hands, Skaalen, LSS, and our quilters to buy material.  One of the highlights at Smorgasbord each year is the homemade lefse!  Want to know the art of making lefse?  Watch the video below:

Watch Celebrating 60 years of Smorgasbord