Teams Reporting Directly to the Council

Audit Team

St. John’s audit is an internal and confidential review of financial actions of the church. The audit provides a reasonable assurance that good stewardship is being used in handling and accounting for the funds and other assets of our church.

The financial reports are reviewed on a monthly basis. Following the end of the year’s reporting, an annual audit report is created and sent to the Council. You do not need financial expertise to join this team, just a willingness to serve!


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a team of three to four people, led by the Council Vice President. The team is chosen each year at the Annual Meeting.

This is a great group to join if you only have a limited amount of time, since it only meets once or twice each fall. At the meeting, the group creates a list of names of members who would be good candidates for Church Council. The list is then divided among the group, and each member calls their part of the list to discuss Council membership.


Personnel Team

The personnel team deals with matters regarding the full- and part-time staff that work at St. John’s.

They normally meet on the first Monday of each month and would welcome any new members who would be interested in serving St. John’s in this important and rewarding discipleship.


Endowment and Memorial Gifts Board

Many Reasons to Give – Many Ways to Give
There are many reasons to give. You may want to give now and experience the effects of your gift immediately. Or you may want to give so that your gift will keep on giving long after you are gone. In either case, the church provides an opportunity to fulfill your need and desire to give.
When is it a good time to give an Endowment or Memorial Gift?
  • When you are especially aware of God’s gifts to you.
  • When you want to honor a special person or celebrate a special event.
  • When you want to memorialize a deceased family member or friend.
  • When you review your financial goals and plans.
  • When you make a will.
  • When you make plans for your retirement.


What is an Endowment?
The purpose of an endowment is to have a long-term impact on the church and its members. Endowments provide ongoing benefits to the church by earning a market-rate of interest while keeping the core principal intact to fund future years’ needs. We have two endowments: a scholarship endowment and a long-term growth endowment.


What is a Memorial?
The purpose of memorial giving is to remember a deceased person or past event. You may choose to make a memorial gift in lieu of flowers at the time of a funeral. Or you may want to contribute a memorial gift on the birthday or death date of a family member or friend who has passed away. There is a “Memorial Wish List,” generated by church leadership, that has a wide variety of ideas for gifts. If you would like a copy of the current memorial list, please fill out the brochure (available from the church office or by printing the pdf below) and return it to the church office.


What does it mean to “designate” my gift?
Designated gifts will be used for the specific purpose requested by the donor. For a “Memorial Wish List” of ideas for designated gifts, please contact the church office. If you choose not to designate, gifts will be used toward the congregation’s current priorities.


How can I give to the Endowment fund?
There are many ways that you could give to help build a bridge to tomorrow. Some of the most common types of gifts are listed below.


Gifts of Cash
Cash is most commonly given to the Endowment fund due to the simplicity and ease of giving.


Gifts of Stocks & Bonds
A gift of long-term securities entitles you to an income tax deduction for the full market value of the securities as of the date of your gift. You are not liable for the capital gains tax you would incur if you sold the securities.


Gifts of Real Estate
You may give real property in any location to the Endowment Fund. If you’ve owned the property for one year or longer, the fair market value is deductible, no capital gains taxes are payable on appreciation and the property is removed from your taxable estate. Donations of a personal residence, ranch, or farm are welcome, and you can retain use of them through your lifetime.


Gifts through a Personal Will
In your will, you may decide to bequeath a percentage of your estate, a specific amount, or what remains after bequests to other beneficiaries are made. Bequests can be cash, securities, real property, or other personal property.


Gifts of Life Insurance
You may designate the endowment fund as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.


I want to give. What do I do next?
Please visit the Donations Page.