Things To Know

See the Calendar for all meetings and events.


Staff Email Addresses have Changed

Please make a note to let you know that the staff email addresses have changed.  The name in the email is now shorter, and the domain is now, instead of the previous


Who is in Your Faith Web?

At St. John’s, we want to wrap everyone in a web where they feel welcome, and warm, validated and valued. Start filling out your Faith Web today (see display in Gathering Area). Then, watch the newsletter for ways to meet more people who can help fill out your web.


Phone Contact Information

If you and/or your family have decided to give up your land line phone, and use only cell phones, we ask that you remember to keep St. John’s office informed of your new contact number(s). Thank you!


Worship Service Volunteers are Needed!

Serving in worship is an essential part of every congregation. We are going back to scheduling the Worship  Service assistants. If there are dates that you know that you will not be available, please let Laura know by calling the church office (608.291.4311) or via email Laura McGoveran. Also, if you get scheduled for a time that you will be out of town, just let Laura know of your unavailability. You will receive an email (or phone call, if you don’t have an email address) to let you know you’ve been put on the schedule,. Once a full schedule is put together, it will be posted on the bulletin board across from the office. If you haven’t served in the past, and would like to volunteer, just let the church office know! Needed are Greeters, Communion Servers, Welcome Center Hosts, Scripture Readers, Acolytes, and more. Thank you so much for serving!!


Participate in St. John’s Social Media!

‘Like’ our Public Facebook Page: @stjohnsoregonwisconsin. In the app, search on ‘St. John’s Lutheran Church’
‘Join’ our Facebook Group for the Members of St. John’s: In the app, search on ‘St. John’s Lutheran (Oregon, WI)’
‘Follow’ our Twitter Feed: @stjohnsoregonwi.  In the app, search on ‘St Johns Lutheran’
Thank you for your participation! For questions, please contact


Pastor Paul’s Bible Study

Pastor Paul leads a Bible Study on Monday mornings at 8:30AM in the Fireside Room.  Please feel free to join the Bible Study at any time. Cancellations are posted under “Important Updates” on this website and in the “Weekly Announcements”.


Do You Like to Sing or play an Instrument?

You are invited to participate in any musical ensemble at anytime throughout the year. Please send an email to Ondra for more details or call her at 608.291.4311.


Chimes of Praise

Rehearses on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30PM (Labor Day through Memorial Day)
Chimes perform at least one song during our 8:00AM Worship service, 1 week out of each month.



Chancel Choir

Rehearses on Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30PM (Labor Day through Memorial Day)
Choir performs at least one Anthem song during our 8:00AM Worship service, 3-4 weeks of each month with one of those weeks off.



Soulvation Worship Band

Rehearses on Thursdays, 6:45-8:30PM (Throughout the Year)
Band leads Today’s Christian Music or Hymns at our Sunday, 10:30AM Worship service each week



Spirit Singers

Rehearse on Saturdays, 4:30PM (Throughout the Year)
Spirit Singers Lead Hymns at our Saturday, 5:00PM Worship service each week


Worship with Holy Communion Every Thursday at Madison Synod Office

Each week, we gather as an invited Christian community around word and bread and wine created by God in Christ. Please join us! The gospel is shared by a rostered minister of synod staff or by different ministers in our synod each week. Please join us in our inviting chapel for this mid-week time for worship that will leave you restored and renewed! Bring a friend, bring your child(ren) and bring your brown bag lunch as we enjoy fellowship at 12:30 p.m.


Every Thursday at 12:00pm with fellowship following at 12:30pm.


The Synod Office address is: 6401 Odana Road, Suite 20, Madison.


Care, Connect and Equip – Sign up Online for Synod E-news today!

Receive exciting stories of our ministry together, timely news updates and invitations to learning and ministry opportunities in the synod. The synod staff’s hope is to reach everyone in the pews with “What Matters and Walking Together: Faith for Our Journey”. Sign up online for synod e-news today!


Spiritual Direction

Pastor Mark Petersen is a member here at St. John’s Lutheran Church. Pastor Petersen is a Spiritual Guide, a trained listener who can help you articulate your sacred story and hold it with reverence. For contact Pastor Petersen at 608-438-8771 or

Snow Days

When an Oregon School District snow day occurs all youth events will be cancelled at St. John’s. If there is a ministry meeting scheduled, that will be up to the team’s discretion if they will still meet at their scheduled time. St. John’s will use our Facebook, Website and Emails to notify the congregation of changes.


Calling all Snowbirds!

Headed to a warmer climate this winter? Please let the church office know when you plan to leave and return and if you would like to add a forwarding address. Call 291.4311 or email Safe travels!


Change in Food Donations at Skaalen Home

Skaalen is no longer able to accept donations of home-baked items. Food items that are donated and served to our residents must be made in a State Inspected Kitchen. Family members are still able to bring in items to their loved ones, however, we cannot serve them house-wide. Thank you for your cooperation.


Bill’s Food Receipts

Just a reminder to continue to bring in your receipts from Bill’s Food Center for their “Supports Oregon” program. The Sunday School Ministry earns 1% when you turn in your receipts. Just drop them in the clear box near the front entrance.


Are you Throwing Away Nickels & Dimes?

Did you know the Oregon Elementary Schools earn money on Kwik Trip milk caps and Glazer donut ovals (price oval on top of box) along with box tops, Coke Cola caps/box codes, and Oregon Hometown Pharmacy medicine caps? Those nickels and dimes add up in a hurry when the community shares in the collection. There is a collection canister located on the shelves near the front entrance.


Simply Giving

Online giving isn’t new to St. John’s; several members use “Simply Giving”, an electronic giving program, as a way to automate their regular weekly offerings.  Electronic giving is a no-cost, convenient way for you to financially support our ministry and provides consistency for our church.  St. John’s offers an additional web based payment option to give electronically!  If you are currently giving on a weekly basis, the web payment option eliminates the need for checks or envelopes. If you are unable to attend services, this program will allow your weekly offerings to continue.  Electronic giving enables you to go to at any time to set up an automatic donation plan, under the Giving link at the top of the page, change your donation plan, make a one time donation or view your online donation history.

In addition, St. John’s will make it easy to give anytime from your smart phone or tablet with a mobile version of our online giving page.  Simply scan the code using your phone’s QR code reader or go to and locate the electronic giving page under the ‘Giving’ link at the top of the page.



Name Tags are Important

St. John’s believes that wearing a name tag strengthens the feeling of community within the church. It’s very important that we help people with this first step of getting to know each other.  Here are other reasons it’s important to wear a name tag.
  1. Few people know everybody in the church.
  2. Leaders need help with names.
  3. Name tags are conversation starters.
  4. Knowing names makes fellowship more personal and friendlier.
  5. Name tags save embarrassment.
  6. Helps members identify and welcome visitors.
Let’s all become ambassadors of the church community and wear our name tags.

Dementia Friendly Church

St. John’s is a designated Dementia Friendly Church (DFC) and over time we will find new ways to deepen our ministry to persons and families journeying through stages of dementia.  Dementia-related information on DFC, an overview of dementia, and communication strategies are available in the pamphlet rack in the Gathering Area.

KNOW the TEN SIGNS OF DEMENTIA – Early Detection Matters
  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
  4. Confusion with time or place
  5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
  7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  8. Decreased or poor judgement
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  10. Changes in mood and personality


St. John’s Prayer Chain

Did you know that when you have a prayer request you can call or email the prayer chain? Then the prayers will be sent on their way with many praying for you! Prayers on the Prayer Chain are not made public in the newsletter or during Worship unless permission is received.

To let the prayer chain know of your prayer you may:

If you have a prayer you would like to share with the prayer chain please let us know!  Thank you!


E-Newsletter: Sign Up!

One of the best ways to keep up with what’s going on at St. John’s is to read the weekly newsletter. The most cost-effective and efficient way for members to receive the newsletter is via email. However, because we use an emailing service called MailChimp, we can only send the newsletter to people who have officially given us permission.

If you are not yet receiving the newsletter via your email, please sign up! One way to sign up is to email and we’ll get you on the list.


See the St. John’s Calendar for all meetings and events.

For a complete list of announcements, please see ‘Connections in Christ’ or our ‘Weekly Announcements’ under the ‘News’ menu item.