Worship Committees

Altar Guild

Altar Guild meets the second Tuesday of the month throughout the year.  We gather at a restaurant in July for a special luncheon.

Our monthly duties include: maintaining the flower chart and the Eternal Candle Light chart, ordering weekly altar flowers, filling of the communion glasses, washing communion glasses, setting up for both Saturday night and Sunday communion, changing of altar paraments according to the church year calendar, serving as communion assistants when individual glasses are used to serve communion, ordering of the wine and grape juice for communion, purchasing of communion wafers, cleaning and pressing of the altar fair linen, ordering and changing of the candles, ordering of the wicks for the acolyte candled lighters, and caring for the acolyte, ministers and assisting minister robes.  We provide hand sanitizer for the pastors. The Tuesday prior to Easter, we meet at the church to clean the altar, pews, sacristy, candle holders, candelabrum, and all of the brass and silver.  We are also responsible for ordering new banners for our sanctuary.

We make and provide for the fresh flower corsages for the confirmands. On their Confirmation Day, we assist them with their robes and pinning on of the corsages. We are in charge of ordering and arranging of the Easter lilies, the Christmas poinsettias, and the Pentecost geraniums.  Proceeds from these flowers go toward Altar Guild Ministries.

Special events include: designing the dried flower arrangement that beautifies our altar during the Lenten Season, distributing palms on Palm Sunday, stripping of the altar on Maundy Thursday, draping of the cross in purple for Lent, in black for Good Friday, and in white for Easter.  We arrange the cornucopia on the altar for Thanksgiving.

Altar Guild has a representative on both the WELCA Board and the Worship Team.

If you are interested in joining the Altar Guild, contact Shirley Miller.


Music Ministry

slidergetinvolved500Chancel Choir

The chancel choir meets on Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. for rehearsal from August to May, and includes people of all singing abilities. The choir has a lot of fun and fellowship together and supports the 8 a.m. worship service on Sunday mornings.  For more information about this group, please contact Ondra Williams, Director of Worship and Music.


sliderchimes1Chimes of Praise

Music skills, for some people, are not best expressed with their voices. The chimes are in perfect pitch every time! This is a fun group – and there is room for you. Chimes practice on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. from August to May. For more information, please contact Ondra Williams, Director of Worship and Music.



sliderbandSoulvation (Sunday Summer & Late Service Worship Band)

Soulvation practices every Thursday evening from 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to prepare contemporary praise music for the weekly late Sunday morning service. It consists of drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, flute, and voices. New instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome. Please contact Ondra Williams, Director of Worship and Music.


communionservingWorship Assistants

Worship Assistants are members and regular attenders of our congregation who help to lead worship each week.  Please read the information below to learn more about these leaders and their roles.  If you are interested in becoming a worship leader, please email our office at info@sjlserve.org.



Acolytes assist with lighting the candles for worship and serving communion.  Generally middle school students, the term acolyte comes from the greek word that means “to follow.” Many youth begin their participation as worship leaders in this role.


Altar Guild

Members of the Altar Guild prepare our sanctuary for worship by changing the paraments (or altar hangings), setting up holy communion, providing flowers, and caring for all of the “holy things” that are used for worship.


Assisting Ministers

Assisting Ministers lead worship alongside the Pastors of the congregation.  Through their leadership of prayers and other parts of the service, they represent the belief that worship is not a service provided by a pastor for the people, but the work of all the people of God gathered together.


Audiovisual Assistants

Audiovisual assistants, generally middle school students, run the slide presentation for the Sunday 10:30 service, and for the 9:00 service during the summers.


Communion Presenters

Communion Presenters bring forward the bread and the wine before communion.  This role works very well for families with elementary-aged children, who can serve in worship together in this way.


Communion Servers

Communion servers serve the bread and the wine during communion.



Greeters welcome worshippers as they arrive by shaking their hands and greeting them.



Readers proclaim the Bible reading at each worship service.



Ushers serve on teams that assist in the orderly flow of worship by handing out bulletins, passing offering baskets, guiding people to communion, and other tasks.


Welcome Hosts

Welcome Hosts greet newcomers to St. John’s and help them to feel comfortable in our congregation. They help to provide information about our congregation, make name tags, give directions, and answer questions.